Power Steering Units Repair

Hydraulic steering or power steering vehicles do not solely rely on the engine power or hydraulic power. The steering mechanism is rather more dependent on the steering unit itself and all the parts that make a steering unit.

With time and usage of a vehicle, these parts incur wear and tear. Most of the time these damages are not apparent, and if you are not familiar with car parts or mechanic work, you are probably not aware of it. This can be very dangerous and can cause severe damage not only to your steering unit but other parts of the car as well, mostly tyres.

A damaged or faulty steering unit can cause irregular wear and tear in tyres, hence costing you more for your vehicle repair. It’s always a good practice to have your vehicle inspected once a year or after 10,000 miles, whichever comes first. This is also true for your steering unit, to avoid any permanent damage to it.

At The Power Steering Shop we are always keen to save customers time and money, by providing a thorough audit for their vehicle, an honest solution and a satisfactory repair service that will give their steering unit a new life.

Don’t take your vehicle’s Power Steering Units Repair service lightly, instead give it a serious thought and always look for a pro, for your steering unit parts are expensive and if done the wrong way can cost you a lot. This means your power steering can be seriously damaged and void your manufacturer warranty.

The Power Steering Shop is well aware of such situations and has saved thousands of power steerings to date. We are well known in Christchurch and surrounding suburbs, for giving the best in service, for vehicles of all types and models.

Why Choose Us:

You may find many practitioners for your steering unit repair services in Christchurch and surrounding areas, but there are very few whom you can trust. At Power Steering Shop we guarantee each and every customer a honest and affordable workmanship. Below are a few good reasons to call us and rescue your power steering for good.

  • Certified & experienced technicians.
  • MTA assured.
  • Fast and accurate diagnosis of the problem.
  • Competitive prices.
  • Family owned by Kiwis.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee.

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