Power Steering Repair

At Power Steering Service Christchurch , our power steering repair services are available throughout New Zealand. Whatever vehicle you drive, we have the knowledge and expertise to get your power steering working as it should again. In addition, our repairs are long-lasting, and our prices are competitive.

It is important you contact us as soon as you experience any issues with your power steering. This is because power steering problems can be dangerous as they can and do affect how your car handles. In addition, power steering faults can cause additional damage to your vehicle which will increase the cost of repair.

Power Steering Symptoms

  • Noises – you may have a power steering problem if you hear noises when you turn the steering wheel. These often sound like grinding noises.
  • Leaks – you have power steering fluid in your car. This is essential to the operation of your steering, so a leak will cause problems.
  • Responsiveness – this is where the steering doesn’t respond like you expect it to.
  • Free play – if you notice the free play in your steering wheel increasing, your power steering may have developed a fault.
  • Heavy steering – your power steering may also have a fault if the steering of your car becomes heavy.
  • Steering Rack Boot – Steering Rack Boot Repair and solution.

Power Steering Service Christchurch

We are power steering repair specialists so can fix the steering in your vehicle, whatever the problem. We can also help if you are a mechanic and need the power steering in a customer’s car repaired. The process starts by accurately diagnosing the cause of the problem and then carrying out an effective repair.

To find out more or to get information on the cost of repairing your power steering, please call us on 027 581 2330 . Find Further Contact Details.