Manual Steering Overhaul

While we have been assisting everyone in Christchurch and the surrounding areas with their cars power steering issues, we also provide support for car owners who have manual steering. We have a complete Manual Steering Overhaul solutions for manual steering vehicles of all makes and models.

Manual Steering is oftentimes referred to as Rack and Pinion steering, this is because most manual steering mechanisms employees the use of a main rack shift with a small pinion. The most common problems in a typical manual steering vehicle arises due to the normal wear and tear.

As manual steering vehicles are more prone to damage as compared to power steering, most of the time we recommend a complete overhaul to revive its performance and efficiency. This includes the following features apart from our Honest and 1st class workmanship:

  • Properly disassembling of steering box.
  • Inspecting the steering box for all kinds of external and internal damage.
  • Replace/ Reconditioning and polish clean the shafts.
  • Cleaning and polishing off all disassembled parts.
  • Assembling and final adjustments of parts according to factory/manufacturer specifications.
  • Final testing for any leak or malfunction.

Why Choose Us:

Even though there are many manual steering mechanics in Christchurch and surrounding areas, there are very few whom you can trust. At Power Steering Shop we guarantee each and every customer a honest and affordable workmanship. Below are a few good reasons to call us and rescue your power steering for good.

  • Certified & experienced technicians.
  • MTA assured.
  • Fast and accurate diagnosis of the problem.
  • Competitive prices.
  • Family owned by Kiwis.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee.


So whether you are looking for a reliable manual steering overhaul for your vehicle or just want to consult or diagnose your manual steering you know Power Steering Shop can do it in a professional and extremely affordable way.

We have many happy customers across Christchurch and beyond, who vehicles showed a renewed performance because of our honest and reliable manual steering overhaul service. Our quality service and detailed oriented workmanship has helped many New Zealanders – drive smooth and safe on the roads and highways.

So if you are still thinking about getting your vehicle’s manual steering overhaul a chance, then take action and give us a call. Our staff members are enthusiastic and diligent in getting your problem solved in no time and low cost.

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